The English Club(2019-2020)

Date(s) - 10/08/2019 - 11/04/2020
12:00 am


The English club was started in 2008 by THE DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES AND LANGUAGE under Dr. Renuga as head and professor G. Sharathalakshmi as Club coordinator. College life is a great adventure for many of us and offers so many opportunities to have new experiences. In addition to your studies and social life, your extracurricular activities have the ability to have a positive impact on your professional life in future. In English club of SONA(TEC) we engage students in participating various activities and events in order to prove and improve themselves both in academics and social skills.

Throughout the academic year the students from various departments are constantly engaged themselves in various activities and the English club helps the students to learn and use the English language as a part in their day to day lives.


The first part of academic year starts with LEEF [Literary Events for Enhancing Fresher’s],  a mini symposium exclusively for first year students to showcase themselves with various talents such as writing skills, speaking skills, communication etc…Theses events are conducted in such a genuine way to lit the fire in people’s heart to showcase their talents.

Valedictory of LEEF:

We (The English Club) conducted four speaking events. They are Elocution, Table Jam, Big fight and Adzap. The students for the final speaking event were chosen based on their performance in the preliminary speaking event. Winners of speaking and writing events were awarded with trophies and certificate.  Two student were awarded the title Mr LEEF and Miss LEEF based on their performance throughout competition.


Next part of the academic year where the matchstick meets head to head with the forest fire, Yes…. Literary League a mega symposium conducted for all the students of various departments from freshers to final years. Apart from technical events fun-based events are also conducted in different panels for the students to have a memorable day in their lives. We also award the students for their poetic talents during the poet’s day as Mr. &Ms. Poet for their lyrical and poetic skills. These events are conducted in such a way to test their technical knowledge, grammar, communication which can make them a fierce competitor during their recruitment process.



We, the English club also have concern on your future too and that is why we do mock hr, group discussion, resume making and so on for the betterment of your future.
Along with this you people gain the quality of being a good leader, a good listener, why not a good event organizer.

We also conduct mock GD(Group discussion) and HR as a part of a training program to help the final year students to evaluate themselves their pros and cons, which helps them to improve themselves in their weak spots. This makes their vision to have perspective towards the criteria and scenarios during the placement process.

Group Discussion



One of the best moments in our club are the reunions where we get to see our seniors, who travelled with us in this unforgettable journey as friends and family. Reunion not only gives us a chance to meet our friends but also takes us to reconnect with your old self. The English club enter its 13rd year by making itself unique from the other clubs. Making moments from “Those are the times” to “This is our time”. Cherish the younger one in yourself while you still can by engaging yourself in our club reunions.


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