Date(s) - 16/08/2017
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam Conference Hall



                         A Guest lecture was organized on 16.08.17 for the II year Civil Engineering students. All the second year civil engineering students attended the lecture. The event started at 11.00 am in the presence of Dr.R.Malathy, HOD / Civil and the resource person for the lecture is Architect Mr. M.N. SARAVANA KUMAR, Partner, Four Core Architects, Salem. The event was conducted as a part of the syllabus for Computer aided building drawing laboratory to cover the Industrial lectures.

The resource person explained about the National Building code – NBC, which was published in 1968 and also the role of NBC as a National Instrument providing guidelines for building construction and also the contents of the code elaborately in its every usage. Also he explained about the publication and revision of the code and major changes made during revision. In detail, NBC has been grouped into 5 groups and further gave information about its classification. He said about the development control of buildings and various classification of buildings and tabulated explaining Land use, open spaces, width and length of buildings, layouts etc. He gave explanation on various central and state governing bodies like Tamilnadu Government Gazzette. Technically into the presentation, he explained Floor space Index – FSI, set backs of a building, and finally about the spaces excluded from the FSI and coverage computation. Thus the lecture came to an end successfully.

His speech was motivational, enlightening every content in a very simple and effective way. The lecture was very useful in planning aspects of building.

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