Civil Department Students in Overall Championship Trophy

Civil Engineering students of II and III year of Sona College of Technology has participated in National level technical symposium and won prizes in various events conducted by Mahindra group of Institution on 19th August, 2016. The students have also clinched the overall championship trophy.  The students are listed below


S.No Name of the Student Year Event Place
1 Mullai Arasi M & Kavya S II Paper Presentation I
2 Syedrishvana A & Sri Swetha C III Paper Presentation II
3 Soundariya V & Surya Bharathi S III Connexion II
4 Dhamini K III Code Cracking II
5 Revathi P A & Navien A II Connexion I
6 Thinakaran C & Shushil Prasad Chaurasiya II Poster Presentation I
7 Haniba V III Paper Presentation and Treasure Hunt Participation
8 Sanju Priya T & Indhu Shri C II Paper Presentation, Connexion, Code Cracking Participation
9 Abarna G & Kanimozhi P II Poster Presentation, Connexion, quiz Participation
10 Thinakaran C & Shushil Prasad Chaurasiya II Connexion, code cracking, Quiz, CADD Participation
11 Thirumavalavan S II Treasure Hunt, Quiz Participation



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