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About Sona College of Technology

Sona is one of the fastest growing technical institutions in India and a leading engineering college in South India.

Volvo Group Managing Director Mr.Kamal Bali’s Speech at Sona College

Six to seven major world trends are shaping our lives, according to Mr.Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo India

Delivering a speech at Sona College of Technology recently, Kamal Bali said during the 800 days of COVID-19 pandemic, humanity learned perseverance and resilience, adaptation and transformation, empathy and inclusiveness.  Elaborating on the major world trends, Mr.Kamal Bali said that long-term planning has to be abandoned for short-term plans as changes would be witnessed quite frequently.  Stating that it is an era of holistic sustainability, he said,” whatever you do must be economically viable and environmentally friendly.  Doing less and getting more would be the mantra to pass the test of holistic sustainability, he said.  “Volvo has switched to recycled iron instead of pig iron which is CO2 intensive. We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions in our operations, products, services, and ways of working,” Bali said. The third major trend is the impact of emerging technologies irrespective of industry type.  For example, the automobile industry is undergoing a great paradigm shift due to the introduction of alternate fuels.  Connective devices is another major driver of disruptive changes.  This would alter the logistic services in the future.  While Hub-to-Hub mobility would be done by a traditional vehicle fleet, fifty percent of the last mile connectivity would be taken over by drone services he said. People would be expected to bring in solutions to harness potential of disruptive technologies, Mr.Kamal Bali added.

Stating that we are in the cusp of the most eventful, disruptive and challenging decade, never witnessed before since 1960, Bali said the people who wish to experiment would succeed while those seek comfort zones would fail.  “The most important aspect of the opportunities of the decade is that anyone from 10 to 60-year-old people would be able to contribute and benefit”, Mr.Kamal Bali said.

Mr.Thyagu Valliappa, Vice Chairman Sona Group added that in Sona Students given special training for Industry ready in the manufacturing sector. At this event, Sona Group Principals, and Professors participated in the interaction.

volvo group kamal bali

Agnipath Scheme (Fire-Path Scheme)

It is to inform you that Agnipath Scheme (Fire-Path Scheme) is a new scheme introduced by the Government of India on 14 June 2022, for recruitment of soldiers below the rank of commissioned officers into the three services of the armed forces. The Agnipath Scheme will be the only route for recruitment into the military. Personnel recruited under this system are to be called Agniveers (Fire-Brave), which will be a new military rank. The scheme is scheduled to be implemented from September 2022.Under the Agnipath scheme, 45,000 to 50,000 soldiers will be recruited annually, and most will leave the service in just 4 years. Of the total annual recruits, only 25% will be allowed to continue for another 15 years under permanent commission.

Winners of Fibre Hackathon 2022

Sona College of Technology’s next achievement in innovation.

Our students participated in the three-day virtual International FIBRE HACKATHON 2022 conducted by institution partners of FIBRE, Canada, from the 13th to the 15th of May. The students won prizes in this multidisciplinary research and innovative design on “Pressure Ulcers.”
The first prize is won by the team, Shobhan Kumar. R (ADS) and Cherina Williams Paul. K (ECE) with 1000 CAD as a cash prize.
The second prize is won by the team, Saranamalar. V (ECE) and Kavya. S (ECE) with 600 CAD as a cash prize.
The third prize is won by Sankar. N (EEE) with 300 CAD as a cash prize.
The teams are mentored by our faculty: Prof. J. L. Aldo Stalin (IT), Prof. Eldho Paul (ECE), Prof. Anand. R (ECE), and Prof. T. Ilakkia (EEE).

Winners of National Level IIT Madras innoWAH! 2022 Contest

PALS is an educational initiative by volunteers from Alumni Fraternity of various IIT’s, for the benefit of students of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. This initiative is supported by IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Centre (IITAIIC) and IIT Madras Alumni Charitable Trust (IITMACT)

innoWAH! Competition

‌innoWAH! is a unique competition with a theme relevant to the current times. This experience gives the students an understanding of engineering industry practices, including the rigors of documentation and compliance. It also develops students’ teamwork, communication skills, and leadership capabilities. innoWAH! recognizes promising young innovators and their institutions. The students benefited considerably from the multiple contact points with industry that the present format of PALS events provides.

Mentoring sessions by industry experts in various stages of the event were also found to be useful, where they got exposure to the practical application of engineering concepts. The industry persons involved in this exercise were also impressed with the enthusiasm of the students. The Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically changed our lives globally. We have to reimagine our lives to what we can call “safe, comfortable living”. Under such situations can we focus on a specific technology, engineering aspects on how can we use our imagination with engineering knowledge and talents to make significant contributions here – we see a lot of opportunities!


“The solution provided as a response to an identified context in the society will have an adequate social impact when it improves personal productivity,
environmental conditions and economics.”

The theme is the overarching topic. The categories are:

•        Water Management

•        Energy Management

•        Health Management

•        Education for all

•        Environment Conservation

•        Sustainability

No. of teams who will register with PALS from each college for innoWAH! For 21-22:  FIVE

More than 100 colleges in TN participated PALS innoWAH! under 6 sub-theme.

Sona College of technology won three prizes, namely Civil Engineering, Fashion Technology students won First Prize with the Cash of RS.11000 and Rs.10000/- for Innovative Idea Contest, and ECE Department Mediband has been considered for Incubation Worthy Category,

Prize Details

Department of Civil Engineering

  1. V. Aravinda Kumar, V.Kamala Kannan, and U.Dinesh Kumar from IV Year Civil Engineering Department Received a Cash Prize of Rs.11000/- for the Project of Replast Interlocking blocks and Pavers under the theme “Sustainability” 

Faculty Mentor – Dr.R.Malathy, Professor and Dean(R &D), HoD – Department of Civil Engineering.

Department of Fashion Technology

  1. A. Shiney Pearlin, S.S. Sowndarya, and M. Lokhitha from III Year Fashion Technology Department Received a Cash Prize of Rs.10000/- for the Project of Producing Cruelty-free – Vegan Leather under the theme “Environment and Sustainability”

Faculty Mentor – Dr.S.M.Udaya Krithika – AP/FT and Mr.K.Mani – AP/FT.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

  1. G. Rithvikailas, C S Surya Narayanan, S.A. Rubiga, and R.Shurthika from II Year Electronics and Communication Engineering Department Mediband Team have been considered for the Incubation Worthy Category under the theme “Health Management” 

Faculty Mentor – Mr.R.Anand – AP/ECE.

College Level PALS innoWAH Coordinator

Dr.D.Raja – HoD/FT  
Mobile: 9789287085.  

Our students won in City JS India Wikimedia Hackathon 2022

3 Biomedical students from Sona College of Technology, Akshithacharan S.J, Sherin Monica R.L, and Vandhana Priya S, have secured 2nd place in City JS India Wikimedia

Sona College of Technology second-year BME students- Akshithacharan S.J, Sherin Monica R.L, Vandhana Priya S, have secured 2nd place in City JS India Wikimedia Hackathon- 2022 organized by Wikimedia Foundation and City JS India on 11-12 MARCH 2022.

Topics of the event: Translate text to Tamil and other Indian languages

In this event, our students were used javascript to convert the text language in Wikimedia from English to the desired language. This was done by our students in order to help users who are not familiar with English, access the wiki database.


Department of Mechatronics Engineering final year students Mr.S.Nishanth and Mr.A.Anand received Rs.6.00 Lakh from Hon’ble Minister for MSME under Tamil Nādu EDII – Innovation Voucher Programme (IVP). The Knowledge partner in Sona Business Incubation Center (SBIC) for their Innovative project “SMART JACQUARD MACHINE” under the Mentorship of Dr.P.Suresh, HOD/Mechatronics Engineering, Sona College of Technology.

Sona NPTEL Local Chapter is secured AA rating across India

SONA NPTEL LOCAL CHAPTER is  secured “AA” rating (13th Rankin NPTEL examination Jan-Dec 2021 among 4832 Colleges across India.   In Tamil Nadu level engineering college category wise, our college has secured the FIRST Position in NPTEL RATING. SONA NPTEL LOCAL CHAPTER is bagging the prestigious “AA” category award SEVENTH time. 

SONA NPTEL LOCAL CHAPTER is secured a FIRST POSITION in the rating given by NPTEL among all the NPTEL Local Chapters of Tamilnadu engineering colleges. Also, SONA NPTEL LOCAL CHAPTER is bagging the prestigious “AA” category award for the SEVENTH time. 

Second consecutive time SONA NPTEL LOCAL CHAPTER bagged FIRST PLACE in FACULTY PERFORMANCE rating category during Jan – Dec 2021 run by competing with 4800 colleges across India.